Recession Special

8 Oct

Why are pineapple juice and OJ exceptions? And what happens if you raise the prices of your recession special during a recession? Just asking.

Have a great weekend. Look for a new post on Tuesday.

One Response to “Recession Special”

  1. James Lax October 8, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    We have abundant Orange Juice supplies here… Just
    yesterday, I picked several off the tree and….. Actually, I did purchase a 2 quart container yesterday
    for $3.59 plus tax 7.00% Sales Tax… So, we have’nt
    seen OJ prices go up in quite some time ! Now, if you
    want to see inflation at work, try to buy some Northern products like apple juice/cider or blueberries… Recession appears to have missed these Northern delights ! Cost of a good NY Pizza has’nt changed so at
    least a few of lifes’ simple pleasures remain in sunny and hurricane free Florida !!!

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