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And the Answer is…

16 Sep





IMG_4227And more melons.

Melon BurgerEqual a “Melon” burger


J.G. Melon


On Friday you were challenged with trying to Name That Place. I thought the photo hints gave away this 40-plus year old Upper East Side institution. But I was wrong. You were stumped.

And what of that famous burger? Where does it rank on your New York burger meter?


Name That Place

13 Sep

After a summer hiatus, the game which tests your New York food knowledge returns. In this “back to school,” edition, I’ve started the season off with an easy one. Take a look at the photos below. It shouldn’t take you long to identify this New York legend.

IMG_4226Here, with condiments in place, you can enjoy your meal over a green-checked tablecloth.

IMG_4227The art work on the walls has a distinctively fruity theme to it. Could it be that this place is noted for their…cantaloupes?


Was Dustin Hoffman insisting that Meryl Streep pay the tab here or was he just complaining about the green-checked tablecloths when they dined at this place many years ago?

With those images, you should have no problem identifying this place. As always, leave your answers in the comments section below. The place will be revealed on Monday.



And the Answer is…

30 May

Old Town


But you knew that, didn’t you. Where else would your burger be sent from the kitchen to your table via a dumb waiter?

Dumb waiter contraption

Dumb waiter contraption

The Old Town has been around a lot longer than David Letterman, whose show helped bring it to recent (the last few decades) prominence.

Old Town

Call me old-fashioned, as many do, but I guess even a bar/restaurant that has been around since 1892 is not immune to the allure of self promotion at the expense of a quieter, classy exterior.

Name That Place

29 May

Where am I this time?

Name that Place


If you can identify the contraption above, you probably will have no trouble naming the place.

Name That Place


Above is another relic from the past, so you know the place must be…old.

Name That Place


Men might be familiar with those wooden doors.

Name That PlaceWhile for the ladies, after a couple of drinks it might get dizzying finding relief.

Eating always helps and at this place you will want the burger (with or without a roll).

Name That PlaceOr a hot dog, because it’s just that kind of place.

Name That Place


You should be sufficiently armed now to rapidly identify the place in question. As always, leave your answers in the comments sections. The place will be revealed tomorrow.


And the Answer is…

22 Apr

On Friday I presented a series of photos and hints to spur your New York food knowledge on in this month’s edition of Name That Place. It seems I stumped more of you than I thought based on the lack of correct answers.

Here now, in another series of photos, is the puzzle unraveled.

First I was brought tea.

IMG_3795Next came egg rolls unlike any others.

The "original" egg rolls

They call their egg rolls “Original.” 

egg roll

But even an original egg roll tastes better with duck sauce.

Bonus points if you can also identify what I'm about to stuff into my mouth.

Where else can you get such an “original” egg roll in New York but the…

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Nom Wah Tea Parlor: est. 1920, the oldest Dim Sum establishment in Chinatown.

Nom Wah TeaAnd the answer to this month’s Name That Place.

Nom Wah



Name That Place

19 Apr

It’s been awhile since we played Name That Place. To shake off the rust, I’ve tossed a softball your way. In fact, I hope I’m not insulting your New York food intelligence with it.

The avatar I use for Fried Neck Bones…and Some Home Fries has the words from a sign of what was a soul institution in Harlem, and a place I wrote about in these pages early on, the late, great M&G Diner (see  Across 125th Street). Those words are “Old Fashion’ But Good!” and they apply to place in question.  Now that I’ve given you that substantial hint, here are a series of photos that should wrap this gift up for you and have you easily naming it.

Looks like any "old fashion'" diner counter, doesn't it?

Looks like any “old fashion'” diner counter, doesn’t it?

Seen old booths like that anywhere before?

And you got to love the old tables and booths.

Bi-lingual restroom sign.

Bi-lingual restroom sign.

Famous filmmakers have been here.

Famous filmmakers have been here.

Bonus points if you can also identify what I'm about to stuff into my mouth.

Bonus points if you can also identify what I’m about to stuff into my mouth.

And here is the final hint.


I expect I will have many winners on this one, all will receive the usual prize: a year’s subscription, free of charge, to

Good luck and leave your answers in the comments section below. On Monday I will reveal the place.

And the Answer is…

18 Feb

Most times you need to…

namethat (3)


To be able to buy delicious Italian delicacies such as these…

Prosciutto de Parma

Prosciutto di Parma

and these…

namethat (9)

in this place.

DiPalo'sLocated on Mott and Grand Street for 87 years.

Di Palo'sAnd for the bonus question. The cheese below sold at DiPalo is,,,Caciocavallo cheese



200 Grand Street
Little Italy


Name That Place

15 Feb

namethat (3)

Instead of a bunch of price gouged roses or a mediocre prix fixe Valentine’s dinner, I want express my faith in your New York food knowledge along with my appreciation for all your support to Fried Neck Bones…and Some Home Fries.with this post-Valentine gift of the February edition of Name That Place.

The photo above is an easy starter.

namethat (6)You’ll need to “take a number,” to have any shot at some of that good looking prosciutto Parma behind the counter.

namethat (5)

Bonus points if you can also name that cheese.


Enjoy this February 15th Valentine and leave your answers in the comment section below. The name of the place will be revealed here on Monday.

And the Answer is…

7 Jan

On Friday I presented you with multiple photos of a restaurant and challenged you to Name That Place.  To revisit the photos, you can click here: Name That Place, or you can scroll down these pages.

I’m relieved to report that one well traveled eater was able to correctly Name That Place as:

Cafe Edison


That’s right, the Cafe Edison, also known as the “Polish Tea Room;” its nickname derived when a patron, of which there were many from the nearby theaters; playwrights, directors,actors,  producers, and stage hands, deemed the decor and food superior to the much more expensive and haughty Russian Tea Room.

Cafe Edison

228 W. 47th Street

See if the you can get goulash and noodles, cup of soup and a beverage for $16.95 at the Russian Tea  Room.

See if the you can get goulash and noodles, cup of soup and a beverage for $16.95 at the Russian Tea Room.

If the matzoh ball soup I had at the Cafe Edison wasn’t the “greatest soup in the history of soup”, as proclaimed by the New York Times, then it was certainly in the top 50.

Cafe Edison

But at the Cafe Edison, those who know don’t flock to it just for the outstanding soup. These sandwiches are pretty good too.

Cafe Edison

I had one on my recent visit but it wasn’t roast beef, corned beef, brisket, salami, or pastrami.  For bonus points, I wondered if any of the food obsessed out there could identify what type of sandwich I ordered. Here’s a look again:

Cafe Edison

Now that you know I was dining at the Cafe Edison, perhaps you will realize that what I was about to enjoy a generously stuffed vegetarian chopped liver sandwich on rye.

That concludes this edition of Name That Place. Be on the lookout for another serious challenge in the near future.




Name that Place

4 Jan

It’s a new year. The previous year wasn’t one of the better ones in these parts. So to get the new year off on a positive and giving note, I’m offering what is, I hope, a no-brainer, slam dunk of a Name That Place.

Now, granted, at first glance this entry might appear to be a toughie, but I’m going to include here a number of photo hints that I hope will help you, without too much difficulty, identify the name of the place.

Let’s start here.

name (19)

This should get you off to a rousing start and maybe, with just the picture above,you will be able to identify the place in question. If not,  go to the two photo below for more help.

name (9)

What type of place would have such classical grandeur?

name (12)


Believe it or not, a place that serves this.


And this.

name (17)

Bonus points to whomever can identify the sandwich above, a specialty of the place in question.

Finally, I offer this one last quip of a  photo taken in the same restaurant where there are elegant chandeliers and wall etchings, soup and a sandwich, and where no large luggage is allowed inside.


name (22)

Good luck and leave your answers in the comments section below. The place will be revealed on Monday.

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