The Cannoli Claim

29 Oct


Planet Earth's Best?

Somehow I missed the awards’ ceremony when the “Best Cannoli on Planet Earth” was bestowed on Caffe Palermo? Was it held on the same day they gave out the award for “Number 1 Dessert Capital in Little Italy?” Is it a lifetime achievement award as well or could possibly some other cannoli, made, say,  in a cafe in Addis Ababa supplant Caffe Palermo as best on planet earth.  And who gets to judge? I’d like to know.

Have a fantastically spooky weekend everyone. See you on Election Day with a new Chow City adventure.

One Response to “The Cannoli Claim”

  1. zio October 29, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    We won’t know anything about it until the people have spoken on election day.

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