Plan #1 or Plan #2

28 Dec

Okay if you take Plan #1, you get 2lbs of fresh neck bones, beef liver, turkey wings along with ground beef  and chicken legs.  You also get bacon, Boar’s Head at that, and a dozen free eggs. All for only $19.95. Now if I spend only $6 more, I can get the same amount of ground beef, neck bones, and chicken legs, plus 2lbs of pork chops, 2lbs of pig feet, 2lbs of chicken wings, which I could cook up for the bowl games on Saturday, along with the one pound of franks, also perfect for the football games. But with Plan #2 I don’t get the liver, bacon, or the turkey wings and that’s a problem; I like to cook my greens withturkey wings.  And instead of a dozen eggs, I get a two liter bottle of soda. I don’t drink soda, so that does me no good. I wonder if they allow substitutions? They don’t make it easy, do they?

Adventures in Chow City will return next Tuesday.



One Response to “Plan #1 or Plan #2”

  1. James Lax December 28, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Be a sport and splurge… Buy both packages and rest secure that the next “global warming episode” that has you house bound will not impact your well stocked refrigerator… From what I’ve seen, you could literally hang the perishables out the window with little fear of spoilage ! Come to sunny FLORIDA where the temperature hit 28 degrees this morning and the swimming pool was an invigorating 49 degrees… Yes sir, its those damn capitalists polluting the planet again !!! So much for American folklore…
    Happy New Year !

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