Old School Food Truck

8 Apr

I’m an old school kind of guy and in a world now populated with  food trucks selling aioli-smothered crab cakes and truffle-shaved cheese steaks, I have a real soft spot in my heart for an old school hot dog braised in a piquant hot dog “broth.”

The goods

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Another Adventure in Chow City will appear here on Tuesday.

One Response to “Old School Food Truck”

  1. James Lax April 8, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    I’ll take 2, heavy on the the green relish… Nothing like an authentic NY hotdog on a steamed bun… I remember Cooks in Mamaroneck having quite a memorable hotdog served on a toasted bun and the legendary Milk Maid offering the classic tubesteak much the same way… A sweet electric, green relish was the preferred finishing touch for me… Now that was some old school pleasure you can’t replace today… Wiil the Statue of Liberty be open tomorrow ? If not, one can always blame Bush !!!

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