Name That Place

29 Apr

Welcome back to this month’s installment of Name That Place. I know I’ve been tough on all of you in the previous challenges I’ve presented in this little Fried Neck Bones game we play. So tough that I’ve stumped the masses the previous two times. This time, however, in identifying the joint in question, I will offer multiple images that should serve as hints.  There might even be a subtle hint or two amongst the prose here as well.

If you have lived in New York for at least a few years, I would think you would know the place I am hoping you will name. Many have passed through its narrow doors. It’s not an exotic, out of the way place. It’s not hidden in a fringe neighborhood (if such a thing exists in New York anymore).  And the food is meant to satisfy almost anyone’s dietary requirements.  And at that, I think I’ve said enough. Now let’s let the images speak for themselves.

“Celebrities” are honored to have their photos on display here.

Here is a small sampling of what you might find when flipping through this establishment’s generous menu.

This place was one of the original to have an “open kitchen.” And here the flame is always burning.

Yet contradictions abound here adding to its unique allure.

How many restaurants offer Muscle Milk and Red Bull along with red and white wine from their own barrel?

There they are: five images from the place I am confident you will name. When you identify the place, add it into the comments section below.  Look for the answer  right here at Fried Neck Bones…and Some Home Fries on Monday.

One Response to “Name That Place”

  1. HoHoHo! April 29, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    Big Nicks! 77th & Bway. An emporium.

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