Rooftop Fried Eggs

22 Jul

They say it’s so hot out you can fry an egg on a city sidewalk. I tried, but not on a sidewalk. My egg frying experiment was on my roof. I used two methods; both fuel efficient. Method one was placing a frying pan on the roof and letting the100 degree temperature heat it up.

Method One: Note the slightly cooked egg whites on the edge

I also tried cooking an egg the old fashioned way; directly on the roof’s surface.

Eggs the old fashioned way: fried directly on the rooftop surface.

Though it was 100 degrees plus on this day, these eggs had no choice but to be slow-cooked.

Method one: 20 minutes later.

The sun was definitely cooking the egg, but unless you like your eggs very rare, it was not quite done yet.

Old fashioned eggs 20 minutes later

And after another 15 minutes.

Cooked, but…

I forgot to grease the “sidewalk.”

After scraping both out of pan and off the roof, respectively, this is what I got.

Unless you have too much time on your hands or are working on your summer in the city survival skills, I do not recommend frying an egg on a sidewalk or on a rooftop. However, method one could work if the pan is properly greased and allowed at least an hour in 100 plus degree sun before cracking the egg into it.

One Response to “Rooftop Fried Eggs”

  1. James Lax July 22, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Rent the movie, Tick Tick Tick (1970)starring Jim Brown and George Kennedy to see an egg fry on the sidewalk… It takes place within
    the opening minute of this cult classic ! Yes, it is atypically
    hot in sunny Florida, the warmest I can recall in some 38 years…
    Could it possibly be the global warming we have feared for the past
    decade ??? How about a best hamburger in town challenge for your
    entourage of gourmands ! Central Florida is still light years behind
    the culinary delights of NYC… So how about it, who has the best
    ALL AMERICAN double cheeseburger in the five boroughs ?

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