Today’s Special: Cape Cod Edition

25 Aug

And yummy it was.


One Response to “Today’s Special: Cape Cod Edition”

  1. Ekaterina December 20, 2013 at 4:21 am #

    Shuzze me; No mention of CoolRunnings! Blasphymy!!! Hi Andy,Many a nite sleinepg on a futon in the back of a smoke filled van a’la Coolrunnings selection!I will never forget the gig in a college in Greenwich Village and we were about to go on and we were wondering where you were when all of a sudden we heard this rumbling coming the the ave, with the sound of a homeless chariot (shopping cart) was the famous Silvertone Sterio Amp on wheels!Think of you often; from Jamaica thru Europe etc. I am the founder of the Exodus Rhythm Reggae Band. ( Pray for me as they are all of Jamaican Roots and I’m the mighty Whitey)

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