Reflections on the Chinese New Year

8 Feb

Good ChoiceAs the Year of the Snake  approaches, I realize I have spent much of the past Year of the Dragon in Chinese restaurants.

Good Choice

I’m afraid I didn’t always make good choices.

Egg foo young...with brown gravy

Egg foo young…with brown gravy

But, despite my occasional bad choice, I always tried to display…

Good Taste

And when I did, the result usually tasted good.

Ox tongue and tripe

Ox tongue and tripe

Can you ask much more than that from the choices you make?


One Response to “Reflections on the Chinese New Year”

  1. Gregory Lorenz February 8, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    We started the year of the snake a bit early and went to legend UWS last night on your recommendation. Wonderful. Various dim sum to start and then ma po dofu, braised cuttlefish in pickled peppers, and the house cured bacon and leeks. Wow!

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