Name That Place

15 Jun

There were many times I would sit at the counter at the former incarnation of the place in question and stare at what you see in the following photo.

I’m sure there are other restaurant kitchens that have the same thing, whatever it’s called,  but I had only seen it in use at this place and one of the reasons the restaurant was unique to me.

Perhaps one of you shared my curiosity and also wondered about the four-drawer compartment at this place. If so, you know the place and can reveal it without the following bonus photos.

Sure, hot sauce,  ketchup, sugar, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and soy sauce can be found in a million restaurants in New York.  Or can they?

There is a subtle, or maybe not so subtle, hint on that Chinese zodiac place mat. And those are all the hints I can offer today without giving away the place’s identity.

I eagerly await your answers. As usual, leave them in the comment section below.  The place with the mysterious stainless steel four-drawer compartment in the kitchen will be revealed on Monday.



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